About Us

Welcome to Catalogue 2021:

Turnaround has been supplying Superyachts since 2001, concentrating on a personal touch and supplying exactly what the customer wants, not just something like it. I have spent the winter researching new products to update the all-inclusive catalogue and have recently teamed up with the very knowledgeable Alex of ‘L’Emporium du Vin’, to bring you a new selection of French & Worldwide wines at competitive prices. We now supply Wagyu Beef and Iberico Pork cuts which are now listed for ease of ordering, we feel even better placed than before to cater to your clients’ every wish.

As a small company, we can get to know each customer’s individual requirements, and quickly respond to personal preferences. The Catalogue is a guide to assist you in placing your order, so that you don’t forget anything essential. You can use the Excel version to order with, just add the required quantity in column “F” for each item and send the whole thing back by email (if you need separate invoices, just use different columns for each invoice on the same sheet). We will convert the order into a quote, so that you can check through it before we go ahead with it.

We are still the only provisioner brave enough to list prices (with and without V.A.T.), so that you can calculate what you are spending when you make your orders. There are NO surprise extra charges, i.e. freight/delivery or billing, that you do not know about, for the ports from Monaco to La Napoule.

All fresh produce arrives on the morning of delivery, ensuring maximum freshness and shelf life. All goods are double-checked before dispatching. As some products are seasonal and may become unavailable, we will keep you informed and offer suitable alternatives if possible.

Placing Orders: To assist us in fulfilling your orders, please give as much notice and information as possible, along with your contact telephone number and as many alternative methods of contact as you can e.g. email addresses. Partial orders may be placed and added to later at no extra charge. Your orders will be acknowledged and accepted by telephone, any initial queries discussed and delivery and payment details confirmed with you. We monitor email & telephone calls constantly, but if you have not received an acknowledgement of your order within 30 minutes of your sending it, please call. Technical problems do arise from time to time. Placing an order means you accept our terms & conditions.

Delivery: Please indicate whether you prefer an am or pm delivery, allowing for a minimum of 24 hours between order acceptance and delivery time. Many of our customers reserve their delivery times weeks in advance, this can be very helpful as it allows us to serve them better. We do understand that emergencies arise and will do our best to help.

Deliveries between Cannes & Monaco are free of charge on orders over 400 Euros H.T. (before tax) below this there will be a delivery charge of 75 Euros. Delivery of goods worth less than 3500 Euros H.T. to the ports of St. Tropez, Marseille, Toulon, La Ciotat and Genoa will attract a delivery charge of 200 Euros. Please contact us for details of delivery charges to any other ports.

Payment: Payment is due in full upon receipt of goods.
All prices are quoted in Euros. We accept major credit cards (please include credit card details with your order), French cheques and of course cash.

We’re here to help, so here’s to Great Med 2019 Season!

Important Information on Tax Free Deliveries

For those of you working on yachts which qualify for tax free delivery, please read this very carefully.

Due to general practicalities it is unadvisable to take tax free delivery of food products, in particular perishables such as Fish and Fruit & Veg (VAT on these products is only 5.5%) if you want it to be fresh on the day of delivery. The final Invoice has to be ready approximately 24 hrs in advance of delivery in order to allow time for the formalities with French Customs to be completed.

We propose to present separate Tax free Invoices for Wine, Spirits, Toiletries and Cleaning Materials which carry VAT at 20% as these can be prepared in advance and in accordance with Customs’ requirements.

Tax free goods for consumption during a valid charter contract are available to commercially registered yachts only. Commercially registered yachts that employ a permanent crew must leave the port within 48 hours following delivery of the tax free goods.

You will need to provide in advance copies of the following:

  1. The order list and the delivery date and time.

  2. The charter contract.

  3. The Ships’ Papers stating that the yacht is commercially registered.

  4. A copy of the crew list.

This information is required 48 hours before the delivery of the goods. The customs agent will present this information to the Customs Authorities who will prepare the necessary documents.

At times the customs agent might be present during the delivery of the goods; they and Customs Officers have the right to board the vessel.

A minimum of 150€ will be asked for the customs agents fees, the sliding scale of fees is available on request.

Tax free deliveries can be done at any time after approval by French Customs. However, if deliveries are required out of Customs’ Office hours (0830 -1200 and 1400 – 1630 Monday to Friday), they will attract an additional charge.

It is strictly prohibited to consume goods bought under tax free conditions while the vessel is in port.

We are forbidden from delivering tax free goods to static charters (i.e. Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival).

It is also strictly prohibited to off load goods that have been purchased under tax free conditions unless the local taxes have been paid.

No return of goods can be accepted once the delivery has been cleared by customs.